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Oh When the Saints

Music Therapy is quite a difficult practice to define. This is probably due to the intrinsic therapeutic qualities that music has. When we listen to songs we love, we have natural reactions to it. They make us feel happy, sad, bittersweet.. the whole spectrum of emotions can never be completely listed.

This also means that very often, music therapy can be whittled down to "playing songs that people enjoy and make them happy". While this is part of the work, there is so much more to the practice than just that.

Music therapy also includes the co-creating of music with the client, and makes each musical experience unique from the previous one. Within these musical processes, there would be the activation of numerous processes.. in the cognitive, communication, expressive realms!

So I have been asked by this little one to play "Oh When The Saints" for the umpteenth time. :) Somehow, it resonates a lot with him and he enjoys it. So the question is, how can we use this song, to create a new experience, that would meet him where he is at in the moment, include his musical ideas... yet work on goals like reciprocal communication through and in the music! :) That's the whole music therapy question! :)

Cajon: Little One

Piano: Music Therapist

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