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Music and the Mind

I paid a visit to a friend (not a client) who wouldn't be considered as neurotypical. Whilst the usual state would be that of rapid verbalisation, and irritability, that were all muted when the person started playing a tune on the harmonica at my request.

I know this isn't the first time such a phenomenon occurs - where a potentially mentally disorganised person being able to complete a song in its entirety - but it never fails to amaze me.

One song led to another till he was quite tired. Somehow the issues that got him in a ruffled state dissipated for that moment. It was so good to hear him laugh, sounded almost as if the sun came out for a moment! We parted with moods uplifted.

I have to qualify that this does not happen ALL the time! But when it does, it is indeed a moment of celebration!

Here is one of the little tunes he shared, with some additional accompaniment added post visit. Used with permission.

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