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Music and Maths! What is 8 + 8 ?

So we often have to "count" in music. It can get confusing at first, but that's only at the earlier stages! Amazing how music brings in the concept of algebra right from the start! Minim = 2 counts, crotchet = 1. Minim + crotchet = 3 counts.

Anyhow, I was starting on that with a little one... and the following unfolded.

Me: So we are going to need a bit of maths today. How are you with maths? Kid: Not good... Me: 1 + 1 ? Kid: 2!! And I know 2 + 2 is 4!! Me: We're good! Kid:My turn!! What is 8 +8? Me: (playing along..) hmm.. 1 ? Kid: No.. that's too SMALL! Try again. Me: Okie. 16. Kid: Erm.... let's not do that question! I give you an easier one! Me: Oh.. why? Is it wrong? Kid: What is 5+1? Me: Hey wait.. what is 8 + 8? I want to know the answer! Kid: I said I cancelled that question!!! 5 +1 ? Me: No.. I wanna learn... you don't really know the answer do you? Kid: Heeeeeeeeyyy...I cancelled that question!! Me: Okok... haha.. ( pause.. getting ready rhythm cards)... so here... what is 8 + 8? Kid: Aaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrggg!!

Absolutely love it when humour reigns in class... at an appropriate dose!

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