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A lesson on Kindness

I have two little ones - C and W - who have their sessions back to back. C is really quite little while W is already in his teens.

Over the weeks, they came to meet each other. When W first met C, he took out his fiddle and played a tune for her much to C's delight. That slowly morphed into a routine. W would play some tunes for C before she headed for home. C began to look forward to her class being over ( not so sure if I should be happy about that LOL) so that she can meet Big Brother W. It is always a joy to see how they both interact, through their body language, facial expressions, the few words.

This week, W was exceptionally late! C waited for him though we could see that waiting was a little challenging. . He finally hurried in, with his Mom behind. He knocked on the door and C flew towards the door and greeted W in her singsong voice , " HELLO! W GorGor !" following which she did a little jig to show her excitement. W handed her a little box of cookies and said , " For you!"

It turned out that he had specially requested that they popped by a convenience store to get some cookies for C. His Mom tried to convince him otherwise as they were already running late, but he insisted. He proceeded to play his music for her : London Bridge, a couple of his performance pieces before starting on his scales and his lessons proper. C watched his lesson unfolding. When she finally agreed to go home, albeit unwillingly, he played a Barney Goodbye tune for her. We were all very moved by this gesture of his.

I acknowledged his thoughtfulness and asked him why he did all that he did.

He answered me without missing a beat, " Make C happy."

It was just as simple as that. If only all of us could have that little spark of kindness in us.. to follow the impulse to make someone's day. The world would be a much better place.

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