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Being Inclusive (1) - Uninstalling Glass Ceilings

Over the years, I realized that there are times we install glass ceilings, albeit unconsciously, on children with diverse learning needs. This probably comes about through the materials that we read about the various syndromes and "-isms". Studies record years of observations on behavioural, cognitive, communication and emotional traits prevalent amongst individuals with unique challenges.

While this information is vital for us to understand the child better it should not define who and what the child can be. Just as how there is much discussion about neurodiversity these days, we have to recognise each child as unique individuals who have their strengths and weaknesses.

No, I am not denying that children coping with -isms have challenges, nor am I saying to ignore these issues. Rather, it is needful for us all to use the knowledge we have to their advantage, to support their growth and development through more directed and meaningful interventions.

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