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Being Inclusive

The call for schools to be inclusive has been gaining traction over the last few years. It is heartening to see more institutions welcoming children with diverse learning styles into their classrooms.

However, it also brings me back to a conversation I had with a veteran music therapist/special needs educator eons ago. He had a huge heart for children and possessed a special knack for meeting the kids where they are at, and bringing them to a new level of self-actualization. I asked him, then, for his views on inclusivity.

His answer was a gentle and practical one. (Not quoting him directly) He reminded me that we have to be careful "inclusive". Why inclusive? And at what level of inclusivity are we looking at?

While it is all well and good in intentions, he continued, it is imperative that we should meet the child where he/she is at, before developing him from there.

That really provided a lot of food for thought for me. In the next few posts, we will discuss various aspects to pay attention to in a bid to become more inclusive as a whole.

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