The process of learning music goes beyond playing an instrument. It involves the development of different skill sets (including cognitive, psychomotor, social ) that are necessary in a child's holistic development. Music, in itself, is a beautiful language that gives a voice to an individual where words fail.


Instrumental lessons

We are an *inclusive studio which offers instrumental lessons in Piano and Violin on an individual basis. Each lesson is an hour long with theoretical components incorporated within the sessions. We take into consideration the different needs and learning styles each child presents, and evolve the lesson strategies from there. Whilst the trajectory of music learning is based on the ABRSM syllabus, the child’s developmental needs still takes utmost priority at the studio.


*We work with children with special needs as well. Please note that an initial assessment will be done to for us to have a better understanding on how best to support the child.

Group lessons ( Music appreciation and/or Instrumental classes)

Coming soon!

Please write us if you are interested in having group sessions at your institution or facility. Thank you!

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