Music Therapy is an evidence-based practice that uses musical interventions to achieve extra-musical goals. Goals can include improving communication, encouraging self-expression, supporting physical rehabilitation. Clients are not expected to have had prior musical training/education to be in Music Therapy sessions.


Do click on the following link for more information regarding music therapy and various populations:

American Music Therapy Association 


Individual Sessions

Our studio currently provides individual (one-to-one) sessions carried out by trained music therapists. We work with both children and the elderly coping with various challenges (e.g. autism, dementia)

The music therapy sessions are underpinned by principles from the Nordoff-Robbins Creative Music Therapy Approach. This is a person- and music-centered approach, developed by Dr Clive Robbins (special educator) and Dr Paul Nordoff(composer) in the 1950s. Whilst the work started off with children in special education, it has since expanded its reach into other realms including individuals coping with dementia and neuro-rehabilitation. Music interventions can include, singing, playing instruments, co-creating music together with the therapist.


Group Sessions

Coming soon!

Please write us if you are interested in having group sessions at your institution or facility.

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